Nezar AlSayyad
Contributions to Books by Others
2019“On the Possibility of Urban Citizneship,”
with Sujin Eom, in Being Urban, edited by Nezar AlSayyad and Simon Goldhill. (In progress. Expected 2019)
2018“Bottom-Down Urbanism,”
in Bottom-up Urbanism, edited by Mahyar Arefi and Concrad Kickent. New York: Palgrave. (In Press. Expected 2018)
2018“The Death and Life of the Fundamentalist City: A Prelude to Medieval Modernity,”
in Religious Pluralism and the City, Edited by M. Berking, S. Steeves, and Schwenk. London: Bloomsbury, 2018.
2016“The Arab City, the Middle Eastern City, the Islamic City: Reflections on a Concept.”
In Re-Conceptualizing Boundaries: Urban Design in the Arab World, edited by Robert Saliba. London: Ashgate, 2016.
2013“The Arab ‘Spring’ and the Rise of the Fundamentalist City.”
In Global Prayers: Contemporary Manifestations of the Religious in the City, edited by Jochen Becker,Katrin Klingan, Stephen Lanz, and Kathrin Wildner, 144-156. Baden: Lars Müller Publishers, 2013.
2013“Identity, Culture, and Urbanism: Remarks from Colonialism to Globalization.”
In The Territories of Identity: Architecture in the Age of Evolving Globalisation, edited by Soumyen Bandyopadhyay and Guillermo GarmaMontiel. London: Routledge,2013.
2011“The Sustainability of the Indigenous Vernacular: Interrogating a Myth”
with Gabriel Arboleda. In The Aesthetics of Sustainable Architecture, edited by Sang Lee. Rotterdam: Rotterdam Publishers, 2011.
2010“Culture, Identity and Urbanism: A Historical Perspective from Colonialism and Globalisation.”
In Colonial Modern: Aesthetics of the Past Rebellions for the Future, edited by Tom Avermaete, Serhat Karakayali, and Marion von Osten. London: Black Dog Publishing, 2010.
2009“Planning Lessons of the American Dream: Historical Limitations and Democratizing Potential.”
In Architecture-Design Methods-Inca Structures: Festschrift for Jean-Pierre Protzen, edited by Johanna Delingher, Hans Delingher. Kassel: Kassel University Press, 2009.
In Globalization, Violence, and the Visual Culture of Cities, edited by Christoph Linder. London: Routledge, 2009.
In Vernacular Architecture and Regional Design, Kingston Heath, London: Elsevier Press, 2009.
2008“From Modernity to Globalization: The Middle East in Context.”
In Modernism and the Middle East: Politics of the Built Environment, edited by Sandy Isenstadt and Kishwar Rizvi. Seattle: University of Washington Press, 2008.
2008“Consuming Heritage or the End of Tradition: The New Challenges of Globalization.”
In New Heritage: New Media and Cultural Heritage, edited by Yehuda Kalay, Thomas Kvan, and Janice Afflect, 155-169. London: Routledge, 2008.
2007“Consuming Tradition, Manufacturing Heritage: Thoughts on Architecture in the Contemporary Moment of Globalization.”
In The Domestic and the Foreign: Globalization in Architecture, edited by Sang Lee and Ruth Baumeister, 179-205. Rotterdam: 010 Publishers, 2007.
In Vernacular Architecture in the Twenty-First Century: Theory, Education and Practice, edited by Lindsay Asquith and Marcel Vellinga, xvii-xviii. London: Taylor and Francis, 2006.
2006“Whose Cairo?”
In Cairo Cosmopolitan: Politics, Culture, and Urban Space, edited by Paul Amar and Diane Singerman, 539-543. Cairo: American University in Cairo (AUC) Press, 2006.
2005“Ali Mubarak’s Cairo: Between the Testimony of ‘Alamuddinand the Imaginary of the Khitat.”
In Making Cairo Medieval, edited by Nezar AlSayyad, Irene Bierman and Nasser Rabat, 49-66. Lexington Press, 2005.
2004“Manufacturing Urban Heritage, Consuming Cultural Tradition: Implications for a Global History in the Age of Tourism.”
In New Global History and the City, edited by Elliot Morss, 99-115. Massachusetts: New Global History Press, 2004.
1996“Culture, Identity, and Urbanism in a Changing World.”
In Preparing for the Urban Future,edited by Michael Cohen et al., 108-122. Baltimore: Woodrow Wilson Center in association with Johns Hopkins University Press, 1996.
1994“Bayn al-Qasriyn or the Street Between the Two Palaces.”
In Streets : Critical Perspectives on Space, edited by Z. Celik, D. Favro, and R. Ingersol, 71-82. Berkeley: University of California Press, 1994.
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