Nezar AlSayyad
Current Ph.D. Projects
2018Melika, Aida, Ph.D. in Architecture
“War Museum, Memorial sites, and Militarized Landscapes in Iran,” Expected 2018.
2018Shirvani, Shahrzad, Ph.D. in Architecture
“Urban Landscapes of Leisure in Tehran, Iran,” Expected 2018.
2018Chinan, Ioana, Ph.D. in Architecture
“In Search of Socialist Comfort: Architecture and Housing Politics in Romania 1968-1989,” Expected 2018.
2019Gaugler, Jennifer, Ph.D. in Architecture
“Creativity and Deconstruction: “Tabula Rasa” Modernism in Rwanda,” Expected 2019.
2019Ghorbani, Razieh, Ph.D. in Architecture
“Recession Narratives: Architecture and Construction in Iran Under Economic Recession,” Expected 2019.
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