Nezar AlSayyad
Dissertation Committee Chair
2018El-Zoghbi, Riem, Ph.D. in City and Regional Planning “(Reordering) the Arab City: Transforming the Urban Public Realm in Cairo and Doha,” 2018.
2017Almubaraki, Shaikha, Ph.D. in Architecture.“Featuring Domesticity: Film and Television Representation of the Space of the Family; Egypt and Kuwait,” 2017.
2017Kadkani-Schmitt, Zahra, Ph.D. in Architecture“Framing Bosnia: The Politics of Architecture and City Building in the Austro-Hungarian Administration, 1878-1903,” 2017.
2017Eom, Sujin, Ph.D. in Architecture. “Chinatown Urbanism: Architecture, Migrancy, and Modernity in the Asia Pacific,” 2017.
2017Wilkof, Shira, Ph.D. in Architecture. “Urban Arcadias: Émigré Experts, Spatial Knowledge, and the Rise of Zionist-Israeli Planning, 1933-1953,” 2017.
2016Navali, Shraddha, Ph.D. in Architecture.“Construction of the Indian Muslim Neighborhood in Delhi,” 2016.
2016Tomer, Sharon, Ph.D. in Architecture.“After Modernism: Architectural Articulation of Apartheid’s End in Cape Town,” 2016.
2015Abu-Hamdi, Eliana, Ph.D. in Architecture.“Neoliberal Governance in Amman, Jordan,” 2015.
2015Goodman, Anna, Ph.D. in Architecture. “Citizen Architects: Ethics, Education and the construction of a Profession,” 2015.
2015El-Husseiny, Momen, Ph.D. in Architecture.“Compounds of Modernity: Egypt, 1940-present,” 2015.
2015Godlewski, Joseph, Ph.D. in Architecture.“Architectures of Sovereignty and Autonomy: Historicizing Zoning Technologies in Calabar, Nigeria,” 2015.
2015Gonick, Sophie, Ph.D. in City and Regional Planning.“At the Margins of Europe: Home Ownership, Inclusion and Protest in Contemporary Madrid,” 2015.
2014Seeumpornroj, Pat, Ph.D. in Architecture.“Architecture Assemblages: Tradition, Modernity and Identity in the Makin gof Global Forms in Thailand, 1932-2006,” 2014.
2014Guvenc, Muna, Ph.D. in Architecture.“Nationalist Politics and the City: The Making of Kurdish Neighborhood in Diyarbakir, Turkey,” 2014.
2014Ion, Elena, Ph.D. in Architecture.“Infrastructures of Scarcity: Urban Transformations and Austerity in Socialist and Postsocialist Romania,” 2014.
2014Akhtar, Saima, Ph.D. in Architecture.“Corporate Empire: Fordism and the Making of Immigrant Detroit,” 2014.
2014Matsipa, Mpho, Ph.D. in Architecture.“The Order of Appearances: Urban Renewal in Johannesburg,” 2014.
2013Roudbari, Shawhin, Ph.D. in Architecture.“The Transnational Transformation of Architecture Practice: Iranian Architects in the New Geography of Professional Authority, 1945-2012,” 2013.
2013Damluji, Mona, Ph.D. in Architecture.“Petroleum’s Promise: The Neo-colonial Imaginary of Oil Cities in the Modern Arabian Gulf,” 2013.
2012Alissa, Reem, Ph.D. in Architecture.“Building for Oil: Corporate Colonialism, Nationalism and Urban Modernity in Ahmadi, 1946-1992,” 2012.
2012Arboleda, Gabriel, Ph.D. in Architecture.“Ethnoengineering: Negotiating the Modern in a ‘Culturally Appropriate’ Government Program in Ecuador,” 2012.
2011Allweil, Yael. Ph.D. in Architecture. “Building A Home-Land: Zionism As A Regime Of Houseing1860-2005,” 2011.
2011Castela, Tiago. Ph.D. in Architecture. “A Liberal Space: A History OfThe Illegalized Working -Class Extensions Of Lisbon,” 2011.
2011Lu, Yishi. Ph.D. in Architecture. “Competing Visions Of The Modern: Urban Transformation And Social Change Of Changhun, China,” 2011.
2011Tsui, Chung Man. Ph.D. in Architecture. “A History Of Dispossession: Governmentality And The Title: Competing Visions Of The Modern: Urban Transformation And Social Change Of Changhun, 1932-1952,” 2011.
2011Yun, Jieheerah. Ph.D. in Architecture. “Like The World: Korean Articulations Of Globalization In The Global Zones, 1987-present,” 2011.
2011Chu, Cecilia. Ph.D. in Architecture. “Speculative Modern: Urban Forms And The Politics Of Property In Colonial Hong Kong,” 2011.
2010Al, Stefan, Ph.D. in City and Regional Planning.“The Strip: Las Vegas and the Symbolic Destruction of Spectacle,” 2010.
2010Cowan, Susanne, Ph.D. in Architecture.“Democracy, Technocracy and Publicity: Public Consultation and British Planning, 1939-1951,” 2010.
2009Chang, Jiat-Hwee, Ph.D. in Architecture.“A Genealogy of Tropical Architecture: Singapore in the British (Post) Colonial Networks of Nature, Technoscience and Governmentality, 1830’s to 1960’s,” 2009.
2009Valencia, Adriana, Ph.D. in Architecture.“Migration and the City: The Impact of Morisco Expulsion upon Granada, Valencia, Rabat, and Tetouan,” 2009.
2008Tureli, Ipek, Ph.D. in Architecture.“Istanbul, Open City: Exhibiting Anxieties of Urban Modernity,” 2008.
2008Shamir, Adi, Ph.D. in Architecture.“Bauhaus Style: The Architecture of Hebrew Labor in British Mandate Tel Aviv, Palestine,” 2008.
2008Kim, Jung In, Ph.D. in Architecture. “Constructing a “ Miracle”, Architecture, National Identity and Development on the Han River A Critical Exploration of Architecture and Urbanism, Seoul 1961-1988,” 2008.
2008Desai, Renu, Ph.D. in Architecture. “The Globalizaing City in the Time of Hindutva: The Politics of Urban Development and Citizenship in Ahmedabad, India,” 2008.
2007Moreno Carranco, Maria Del Carmen, Ph.D in Architecture. “The Socio/Spatial Production of the Global: Mexico CityReinvented Through the Santa Fe Urban Megaproject,” 2007.
2007Rajagopalan, Mrinalini, Ph.D in Architecture.“The Modern Lives of Medieval Monuments: The Intersection of Nation and Aesthetics in Delhi, India,” 2007.
2006Stallmeyer, John, Ph.D in Architecture.“Architecture and Urban Form in India's Silicon Valley: a Case Study of Bangalore,” 2006.
2005Lai, Chee-Kien, Ph.D in Architecture.“Concrete/ Concentric Nationalism: The Architecture of Independence in Malaysia, 1945-1969,” 2005.
2004Mehta, ReenaHuzefa, Ph.D in Architecture. “Cultural Crossroads - The Making of Diasporic Places and Identities,” 2004.
2004Gillem, Mark, Ph.D in Architecture.“America Town: Building the Outposts of Empire,” 2004.
2003Lu, Duanfang, Ph.D in Architecture.“Building the Chinese Work Unit: Modernity, Scarcity, and Space, 1949-2000,” 2003.
2002Irazabal, Clara Elena, Ph.D in Architecture.“Curitiba and Portland: Architecture, City Making, and Urban Governance in the Era of Globalization,” 2002.
2002Schwayri, Sofia Toufic, Ph.D in Architecture.“Beirut 1975-1990: The Making and Remaking of a City During Civil War,” 2002.
2002Broudehoux, Anne-Marie, Ph.D in Architecure.“Modernity With Chinese Characteristics: Urban Image,” 2002.
2002Abdel-Kader, Mohamed Hussein, Ph.D in Architecture.“Cairo: 1952-2001 Identity, Housing and Urban Form in a Changing Political Economy,” 2002.
2001Ahmed, Heba Farouk, Ph.D in Architecture.“Pre-Colonial Modernity: The State and the Making of 19th Century Cairo’s Urban Form,” 2001.
2000Mwendwa, SukiKalooKathuka, Ph.D in Architecture.“Home 2: The Poetics and Politics of Housing in Kenya,” 2000.
1997Gensheimer, Thomas Robert, Ph.D in Architecture. “At the Boundaries of Dar-al-Islam: Cities of the East African Coast in the Late Middle Ages,” 1997.
1995Miraftab, Faranak, Ph.D in Architecture.“A Misfit Between Policy and People: The Search for Housingby Female-Headed Households in Guadalajara, Mexico,” 1995.
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