Nezar AlSayyad
Full-Length Books
Nile: Urban HistoriesNile: Urban Histories on the Banks of a River
Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press.
Whose Tradition?Whose Tradition?
Routledge; 1 edition (June 21, 2017).
Traditions CoverTraditions: The Real, the Hyper, and the Virtual in the Built Environment
Routledge: London, 2014.
Cairo-Histories Of a CityCairo: Histories of a City
Harvard University Press: Cambridge, 2011.
Fundamentalist CityThe Fundamentalist City?
Co-editor with Mejgan Massoumi, Routledge: London, 2010.
Cinematic UrbanismCinematic Urbanism: A History of the Modern From Reel to Real
Routledge: London & New York, 2006.
Making Cairo MedievalMaking Cairo Medieval
Co-editor with Irene Bierman and Nasser Rabbat, Lexington Books: Lanham & London, 2005.
Urban InformalityMüslüman Avrupa ya da Avro-Islam
Co-editor with Manuel Castells, Istanbul: Everest, 2004 (In Turkish).
The End of TraditionThe End of Tradition?
Editor, Routledge: London & New York, 2004.
The End of Tradition?The End of Tradition? (version 2)
Editor, Routledge: London & New York, 2004.
Avro IslamUrban Informality: Transnational Perspectives from the Middle East, Latin America and South Asia.
Co-editor with Ananya Roy, Lexington Books: Lanham and London, 2004.
Europa MusulmanaEuropa Musulmana O Euro-Islam
Barcelona: Alianza Editorial/Ensayo, 2003 (In Spanish).
Muslim EuropeMuslim Europe or Euro-Islam
Co-editor with Manuel Castells. Lexington Books: Lanham and London, 2002.
Hybrid UrbanismHybrid Urbanism: On the Identity Discourse and the Built Environment.
Greenwood/Praeger: New York and Westport, 2001.
Consuming TraditionConsuming Tradition/Manufacturing Heritage: Global Norms and Urban Forms in an Age of Tourism
Routledge: London, New York, 2001.
The Early Cities Of IslamAl Mudun fi Sadr al-Islam: The Early Cities of Islam
Beit Al-Quran: Bahrain, 1996 (in Arabic).
Forms Of DominanceForms of Dominance: On the Architecture and Urbanism of the Colonial Enterprise
Editor. Avebury: London and Aldershot, 1992.
Cities And CaliphsCities and Caliphs: On the Genesis of Arab Muslim Urbanism
Greenwood Press: New York, Westport, and London, 1991.
Dwellings Settlements And TraditionDwellings, Settlements and Tradition
Co-editor with Jean-Paul Bourdier. University Press of America: New York, Lanham, and London, 1989.
The Design And Planning Of HousingThe Design and Planning of Housing
Editor. UPM Press: Dhahran & Houston, 1984.
Streets Of Islamic CairoStreets of Islamic Cairo; A Configuration of Urban Themes and Patterns
Harvard University and Massachusetts Institute of Technology, AKP: Cambridge, 1981.
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