Nezar AlSayyad
Nano City

Haryana, India

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A new hub of education, business, technology and culture.


The NanoCity project is a concept of a modern design combining new technology, multicultural environment, optimal land utilization in a healthy, ecology-conscious place of work and home for future generations.


The Berkeley Group for Architecture and Planning is an incorporated group of Berkeley professionals: faculty students, alumni and other affiliates who work in a general alliance on projects of different types and sizes in both for a profit and non-profit modes.


Design Directors: Nezar AlSayyad and Susan Ubbelohde

Design Coordinator: Stefan Al

Architectural and Urban Designers: Stefan Al, H. Hernando Burda, Marina Christodoulides, Veronica De La Rosa, Kevin Young Lee, Nicolette Mastrangelo, William Ogle, Asa Prentice, Jeremy Steiner, and Elena Tomlinson.

Master Planners: Stefan Al, Marina Christodoulides, Natalia Echeverri, Nicolette Mastrangelo, Yael Perez, Luke Perry, Krute Singa, and Quentin Stanton.

Preliminary Design Ideas: Milli Del Castillo, Amy Fashimpar, Trudy Garber, Kimberly Suczynski, Mahesh Waghdhare, Stephan Wasilewski, and Theresa Zaro.

The project was supported by the Architecture Department, the Center for Environmental Design Research, and the International Association for the study of Traditional Environments at UC Berkeley.

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