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Contributions to Proceedings
2012“Neither Homogeneity nor Heterogeneity: Modernism’s Struggles in the Muslim World,”
in Homogenisation of Representations,edited byModjtabaSadria,Paris: Aga Khan Trust for Culture, 2012.
2009“Academic-Professional Linkage: A Reassessment”
in Doctoral Education in Architecture Compendium 2: A Collection of Papers on the Status and Direction of Doctoral Programs in Architecture and Environmental Design, edited by Douglad Noble, PhDiA: Vol. 4, 63-69, 2009.
2009“Identity, Culture, and Urbanism: Remarks from Colonialism to Globalization,”
in The Multiple Faces of Identity in the Designed Environment, Architectural Design and Global Difference Research Group, 18-27. Nottingham Trent University, 2009.
2006“Consuming Heritage or the End of Tradition: The New Challenges of Globalization,”
in New Heritage: Beyond Verisimilitude, edited by Thomas Kvan and Yehuda Kalay, 212-227. The University of Hong Kong, 2006.
1996“A Database Approach to Modeling Medieval Cities,”
with Yehuda Kalay and Ame Elliot, in Design Computation: Collaboration, Reasoning, Pedagogy, edited by P. McIntosh and F. Ozel, 110-120. ACADIA Conference Proceedings, 1996.
1995“An al-TurathWa al-Haweya,”
in ImaraTaqlidia, edited by M. Haramy and J. Alawi. Bahrain Mohandseen, 1995 (in Arabic). [“On Heritage and Identity,” in Traditional Architecture: Theory and Practice, Bahrain: Bahrain Society of Engineers, 1995], pp. 257-268.
1993“Balance and Imbalance: The Islamic Middle Eastern City between Traditional and Modernity,”
in Reading and Design of the Physical Environment, 26-29. Urbino, Italy: International Laboratory of Architecture and Urban Design, 1993.
1992“Teaching Climate-Energy Consciousness: A Collaborative Approach in the Architecture Design Studio,”
(with Gail Brager). In National Solar Energy Conference Proceedings, 1992.
1992“Ph.D. Programs in Architecture and the Professional-Academic Linkage,”
(with Gary Brown). In Association of Collegiate Schools of Architecture Annual Conference Proceedings, Spring 1992.
1987“Interpreting the Form of Urban Space: Open Space and Urban Functions in a Cross Cultural Context”
(with Kate Bristol and S.F. Lin). In Public Environments: Proceedings of the Environmental Design Research Association, edited by Joan Harvey and Don Henning, 141-152. EDRA Publications, 1987.
1986“Notes on the Islamic City: Aspects of Physical and Non Physical Structure,”
in The Cost of Not Knowing: Proceedings of the 17th Annual Conference of the Environmental Design Research Association, edited by Richard Barnes, Jean Wineman and Craig Zimring, 15-22. Omni Press: Madison, Wisconsin, 1986.
1985“The Design and Planning of Housing: A Report on Conferences in Developing Countries,”
in CongresoInternacional de la Vivienda: Nuevos Methods de Construccion y Financiamiento, edited by Oktay Ural, Raul Galindo, and Carlos Aguirre, Vol. 2, 450-460. Universidad Tecnica Federico Santa Maria: Vina del Mar, Chile, 1985.
1985“Urban Space in the Muslim City”
in Housing in the Islamic City, edited byAdbulbaki Ibrahim. Islamic Capitals Organization: Riyadh, 1985 (in Arabic).
1983“Small Towns versus New Towns: An Assessment of National Development Policies in Egypt,”
in Equity with Growth: Planning Perspectives for Small Towns in Developing Countries, edited by DetlefKammeier and Peter Swan, 499-510. Bangkok, Thailand: Asian Institute of Technology Press, 1983.
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