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Dissertation Committee Chair
2020Chinan, Ioana, Ph.D. in Architecture, “In Search of Socialist Comfort: Architecture and Housing Politics in Romania 1968-1989,” 2020.
2019Ghorbani, Razieh, Ph.D. in Architecture, “Recession Narratives: Architecture and Construction in Iran Under Economic Recession,” 2019.
2018Melika, Aida, Ph.D. in Architecture “War Museum, Memorial sites, and Militarized Landscapes in Iran,” 2018.
2018Shirvani, Shahrzad, Ph.D. in Architecture, “Urban Landscapes of Leisure in Tehran, Iran,” 2018.
2018El-Zoghbi, Riem, Ph.D. in City and Regional Planning “(Reordering) the Arab City: Transforming the Urban Public Realm in Cairo and Doha,” 2018.
2017Almubaraki, Shaikha, Ph.D. in Architecture.“Featuring Domesticity: Film and Television Representation of the Space of the Family; Egypt and Kuwait,” 2017.
2017Kadkani-Schmitt, Zahra, Ph.D. in Architecture“Framing Bosnia: The Politics of Architecture and City Building in the Austro-Hungarian Administration, 1878-1903,” 2017.
2017Eom, Sujin, Ph.D. in Architecture. “Chinatown Urbanism: Architecture, Migrancy, and Modernity in the Asia Pacific,” 2017.
2017Wilkof, Shira, Ph.D. in Architecture. “Urban Arcadias: Émigré Experts, Spatial Knowledge, and the Rise of Zionist-Israeli Planning, 1933-1953,” 2017.
2016Navali, Shraddha, Ph.D. in Architecture.“Construction of the Indian Muslim Neighborhood in Delhi,” 2016.
2016Tomer, Sharon, Ph.D. in Architecture.“After Modernism: Architectural Articulation of Apartheid’s End in Cape Town,” 2016.
2015Abu-Hamdi, Eliana, Ph.D. in Architecture.“Neoliberal Governance in Amman, Jordan,” 2015.
2015Goodman, Anna, Ph.D. in Architecture. “Citizen Architects: Ethics, Education and the construction of a Profession,” 2015.
2015El-Husseiny, Momen, Ph.D. in Architecture.“Compounds of Modernity: Egypt, 1940-present,” 2015.
2015Godlewski, Joseph, Ph.D. in Architecture.“Architectures of Sovereignty and Autonomy: Historicizing Zoning Technologies in Calabar, Nigeria,” 2015.
2015Gonick, Sophie, Ph.D. in City and Regional Planning.“At the Margins of Europe: Home Ownership, Inclusion and Protest in Contemporary Madrid,” 2015.
2014Seeumpornroj, Pat, Ph.D. in Architecture.“Architecture Assemblages: Tradition, Modernity and Identity in the Makin gof Global Forms in Thailand, 1932-2006,” 2014.
2014Guvenc, Muna, Ph.D. in Architecture.“Nationalist Politics and the City: The Making of Kurdish Neighborhood in Diyarbakir, Turkey,” 2014.
2014Ion, Elena, Ph.D. in Architecture.“Infrastructures of Scarcity: Urban Transformations and Austerity in Socialist and Postsocialist Romania,” 2014.
2014Akhtar, Saima, Ph.D. in Architecture.“Corporate Empire: Fordism and the Making of Immigrant Detroit,” 2014.
2014Matsipa, Mpho, Ph.D. in Architecture.“The Order of Appearances: Urban Renewal in Johannesburg,” 2014.
2013Roudbari, Shawhin, Ph.D. in Architecture.“The Transnational Transformation of Architecture Practice: Iranian Architects in the New Geography of Professional Authority, 1945-2012,” 2013.
2013Damluji, Mona, Ph.D. in Architecture.“Petroleum’s Promise: The Neo-colonial Imaginary of Oil Cities in the Modern Arabian Gulf,” 2013.
2012Alissa, Reem, Ph.D. in Architecture.“Building for Oil: Corporate Colonialism, Nationalism and Urban Modernity in Ahmadi, 1946-1992,” 2012.
2012Arboleda, Gabriel, Ph.D. in Architecture.“Ethnoengineering: Negotiating the Modern in a ‘Culturally Appropriate’ Government Program in Ecuador,” 2012.
2011Allweil, Yael. Ph.D. in Architecture. “Building A Home-Land: Zionism As A Regime Of Houseing1860-2005,” 2011.
2011Castela, Tiago. Ph.D. in Architecture. “A Liberal Space: A History OfThe Illegalized Working -Class Extensions Of Lisbon,” 2011.
2011Lu, Yishi. Ph.D. in Architecture. “Competing Visions Of The Modern: Urban Transformation And Social Change Of Changhun, China,” 2011.
2011Tsui, Chung Man. Ph.D. in Architecture. “A History Of Dispossession: Governmentality And The Title: Competing Visions Of The Modern: Urban Transformation And Social Change Of Changhun, 1932-1952,” 2011.
2011Yun, Jieheerah. Ph.D. in Architecture. “Like The World: Korean Articulations Of Globalization In The Global Zones, 1987-present,” 2011.
2011Chu, Cecilia. Ph.D. in Architecture. “Speculative Modern: Urban Forms And The Politics Of Property In Colonial Hong Kong,” 2011.
2010Al, Stefan, Ph.D. in City and Regional Planning.“The Strip: Las Vegas and the Symbolic Destruction of Spectacle,” 2010.
2010Cowan, Susanne, Ph.D. in Architecture.“Democracy, Technocracy and Publicity: Public Consultation and British Planning, 1939-1951,” 2010.
2009Chang, Jiat-Hwee, Ph.D. in Architecture.“A Genealogy of Tropical Architecture: Singapore in the British (Post) Colonial Networks of Nature, Technoscience and Governmentality, 1830’s to 1960’s,” 2009.
2009Valencia, Adriana, Ph.D. in Architecture.“Migration and the City: The Impact of Morisco Expulsion upon Granada, Valencia, Rabat, and Tetouan,” 2009.
2008Tureli, Ipek, Ph.D. in Architecture.“Istanbul, Open City: Exhibiting Anxieties of Urban Modernity,” 2008.
2008Shamir, Adi, Ph.D. in Architecture.“Bauhaus Style: The Architecture of Hebrew Labor in British Mandate Tel Aviv, Palestine,” 2008.
2008Kim, Jung In, Ph.D. in Architecture. “Constructing a “ Miracle”, Architecture, National Identity and Development on the Han River A Critical Exploration of Architecture and Urbanism, Seoul 1961-1988,” 2008.
2008Desai, Renu, Ph.D. in Architecture. “The Globalizaing City in the Time of Hindutva: The Politics of Urban Development and Citizenship in Ahmedabad, India,” 2008.
2007Moreno Carranco, Maria Del Carmen, Ph.D in Architecture. “The Socio/Spatial Production of the Global: Mexico CityReinvented Through the Santa Fe Urban Megaproject,” 2007.
2007Rajagopalan, Mrinalini, Ph.D in Architecture.“The Modern Lives of Medieval Monuments: The Intersection of Nation and Aesthetics in Delhi, India,” 2007.
2006Stallmeyer, John, Ph.D in Architecture.“Architecture and Urban Form in India's Silicon Valley: a Case Study of Bangalore,” 2006.
2005Lai, Chee-Kien, Ph.D in Architecture.“Concrete/ Concentric Nationalism: The Architecture of Independence in Malaysia, 1945-1969,” 2005.
2004Mehta, ReenaHuzefa, Ph.D in Architecture. “Cultural Crossroads - The Making of Diasporic Places and Identities,” 2004.
2004Gillem, Mark, Ph.D in Architecture.“America Town: Building the Outposts of Empire,” 2004.
2003Lu, Duanfang, Ph.D in Architecture.“Building the Chinese Work Unit: Modernity, Scarcity, and Space, 1949-2000,” 2003.
2002Irazabal, Clara Elena, Ph.D in Architecture.“Curitiba and Portland: Architecture, City Making, and Urban Governance in the Era of Globalization,” 2002.
2002Schwayri, Sofia Toufic, Ph.D in Architecture.“Beirut 1975-1990: The Making and Remaking of a City During Civil War,” 2002.
2002Broudehoux, Anne-Marie, Ph.D in Architecure.“Modernity With Chinese Characteristics: Urban Image,” 2002.
2002Abdel-Kader, Mohamed Hussein, Ph.D in Architecture.“Cairo: 1952-2001 Identity, Housing and Urban Form in a Changing Political Economy,” 2002.
2001Ahmed, Heba Farouk, Ph.D in Architecture.“Pre-Colonial Modernity: The State and the Making of 19th Century Cairo’s Urban Form,” 2001.
2000Mwendwa, SukiKalooKathuka, Ph.D in Architecture.“Home 2: The Poetics and Politics of Housing in Kenya,” 2000.
1997Gensheimer, Thomas Robert, Ph.D in Architecture. “At the Boundaries of Dar-al-Islam: Cities of the East African Coast in the Late Middle Ages,” 1997.
1995Miraftab, Faranak, Ph.D in Architecture.“A Misfit Between Policy and People: The Search for Housingby Female-Headed Households in Guadalajara, Mexico,” 1995.
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