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Dissertation Committee Member and/or Exam Chair
2015Wessel, Ginette, Ph.D in City and Regional Planning
“Mobilizing Food Vending: Technology Community and Urban Space in the American City,” 2015.
2015Saylor, Elizabeth, Ph.D in Near Eastern Studies and Arabic Language
“AfifaKarm and Modern Arabic Literature,” 2015.
2013Burga, Fernando, Ph.D in City and Regional Planning
“Planning the Immigrant City: Cuban American Spatial Politics and the Transformation of Miami,” 2013.
2012Nam, Sylvia, Ph.D in City and Regional Planning
“Phnom Penh: from Politics of Ruin to Possibilities of Return,” 2012.
2012BouAkar, Heba, Ph.D in City and Regional Planning
“Contesting Beirut’s Frontiers: Urban Development and the Spatial Production of Religion in Political Difference,” 2012.
2011Lopez, Sara, Ph.D in Architecture
“The Remittance House,” 2011.
2010Pietro Calogero, Ph.D. in Architecture
“Planning Kabul: The Politics of Urbanization in Afghanistan,” 2010.
2010Doctors, Steven, Ph.D in Architecture
“The Collaborative Divide: Crafting Architectural Identity, Authority, and Authorship in the Twentieth Century,” 2010.
2009Rojas, Carmen, Ph.D. in City and Regional Planning
“The Revolutionary Urbanism: The Battle for the Streets of Caracas, Venezuela,” 2009.
2009Tierney, Therese, Ph.D in Architecture
“Situated Networks: In [Re]search of the Public,” 2009.
2008Murphy, Stacey, Ph.D. in City and Regional Planning
“The Politics of Benevolence: Managing Homelessness in San Francisco,” 2008.
2008Gabiam, Nell, Ph.D. in Anthropology
“In Order not to Forget: Dignity and Development in Syria’s Palestinian Refugee Camps,” 2008.
2008Sanyal, Romola, Ph.D in Architecture
“An Architecture of Displacement: Spatializing Identity and Refugee Space in Beirut and Calcutta,” 2008.
2008Mukherji, Anuradha, Ph.D in Architecture
“Negotiating Housing Recovery: Why Some Communities Recovered While Others Struggled to Rebuild in Post-Earthquake Urban Kutch, India,” 2008.
2007Hom-Cary, Stephanie, Ph.D. in Italian Studies
“Destination Italy: Tourism, Colonialism, and the Modern Italian Nation-state, 1861-1947,” 2007.
2007McPherson, Sean, Ph.D in Architecture
“A Tradition of Change: A History of Chita Dashimatsuri, 1600-2005,” 2007.
2006Toxey, Anne, Ph.D in Architecture
“Tides of Politics Traced in Stone: Modernization, Preservation, and Residues of Change,” 2006.
2006Cousineau, Jennifer, Ph.D in Architecture
“Making the Northwest London Eruv, 1988-2003: The Construction, Representation, and Experience of a Sabbath Space,” 2006.
2006Rujivacharakul, Vimalin, Ph.D in Architecture
“The Rise of Chinese Architectural History: Cross-Cultural Studies and the Making of Modern Knowledge,” 2006.
2005Dyckman, Caitlin, Ph.D. in City and Regional Planning
“Loval Government Roles in Water Conservation” 2005.
2004Gruen, Jason Philip, Ph.D in Architecture
“Manifest Destinations: Tourist Encounters in the Urban American West, 1869-1893,” 2004.
2003Pieris, AnomaDarshani, Ph.D in Architecture
“Hidden Hands and Divided Landscapes: Penal Labor and Colonial Citizenship in Singapore and the Straits Settlements, 1825-1873,” 2003.
2001Alami, Mohammed Hamdouni, Ph.D. in Near Eastern Studies
“Al-Bayan wa l-Bunyan: Meaning, Poetics, and Politics in early Islamic Architecture,” 2001.
2001Ginsburg, Rebecca Ann, Ph.D in Architecture
“At Home with Apartheid: The Cultural Landscapes of Suburban Johannesburg, 1960-1976,” 2001.
2000Catillo, Gregory Alan, Ph.D in Architecture
“Constructing the Cold War: Architecture, Urbanism and the Cultural Division of Germany, 1945-1957,” 2000.
1999Hosgrahar, Jyoti, Ph.D in Architecture
“The Development of Delhi in the 20th century,” 1999.
1999Kezar, Zeynep, Ph.D in Architecture
“The Making of a National Capital: Ideology and Socio-Spatial Practices in Early Republican Ankara,” 1999.
1997Bartu, Ayfer, Ph.D in Anthropology
“Heritage Politics in Istanbul,” 1997.
1997Chattopadhyay, Swati, Ph.D in Architecture
“Depicting Calcutta,” 1997.
1996Thake, Conrad Gerald, Ph.D in Architecture
“Architectural and Urban Transformations of a Citadel in Malta,” 1996.
1995Sadek, Rula, Ph.D. in City and Regional Planning
“Housing Policy and the Making of the Nation State: Jordan, Kuwait, and Lebanon,” 1995.
1994Pamuk, Ayse, Ph.D. in City and Regional Planning
“Convergence Trends in Formal and Informal Housing Markets: The Case of Turkey,” 1994.
1994Fuller, Mia. Ph.D. in Anthropology
“The Architecture of Italian Imperialism in Libya,” 1994.
1992Leaf, Michael, Ph.D. in City and Regional Planning
“Land Rights for Residential Development in Jakarta, Indonesia: The Colonial Roots of Contemporary Urban Dualism,” 1992.
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