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Newspaper and Print Coverage
2019Interview, “The city behind the square”
Egypt, Al-Ahram Weekly, February 2019.
2017Interview, The Arabic Translation of the Cairo Book
The Program “Thaqafah.” Nile T.V., December 2017.
2017Interview, “Nezar AlSayyad with Mona Abaza discuss where we come from!”
in Open Decomcracy. June 2017.
2016Interview, Al-Ahram newspaper
“Reframing Civility to the Egyptian Street,” January 2016.
2015“AlSayyad Speaks about Development in Cairo.”
A full-page interview in Egyptian daily newspaper, Al-Shorouk, April 2015.
2013Interview, Voice of America
“Panel Approves New Egyptian Draft Constitution.” December 2 2013.
2013Op-Ed Contributor
“Mohamed Morsi Trial: Is Egypt Ready for Democracy?” in International Business Times, November 18 2013.
2013Interview, Jaddaliya
AlSayyad speaks with HibaBouAkar, “Urbanists Can Never Afford to be Apolitical: An Interview with NezarAlSayyad on Urbanization in the Middle East.” September 30 2013.
2013Interview, National Geographic
“The Egyptian Military’s Huge Historical Role.” July 5 2013.
2011Op-Ed Contributor
“Cairo’s Roundabout Revolution” in the New York Times, April 13, 2011.
2011Interview, Bloomberg TV
AlSayyad speaks with Mark Crumpton on Bloomberg Television's “Bottom Line” and discusses the demonstrations in Saudi Arabia. Protesters in Saudi Arabia stayed away from a so-called Day of Rage after police were deployed in force to deter political activists. Saudi Arabia has tried to calm oil markets and avoid political upheaval with $36 billion of jobless benefits, education and housing subsidies and debt write-offs. Aired on Mar. 11, 2011.
2009Several Interviews
For Various News Programs on Local Television and Radio Stations in the San Francisco Bay Area, including KTVU-Channel 2, KPIX-Channel 5, and KGO-Channel 7, 2004-2009.
2008“Adabiyat” – Main Guest with host Gamal El-Ghitani
on a major television program of Nile Television, Cairo, Egypt, July 2008.
2007“Searching for the Lost Urban Wealth”: A Symposium with Nezar Alsayyad and Gamal Al-Ghitani
in Akhbar Al-Adab, July 29 2007
2007Invited plenary session moderator of “Spin and Journalism: An Uneasy Coexistence,”
at the Annual Conference of the International Press Institute, Istanbul Turkey, May 2007.
held in conjunction with and for Al-Akhbar an Egyptian daily on Cities in the Middle East, June 2006
2003“Hamas, la bomba radical que remece a Israel” by Pablo Soto Gonzalez.
El Mercurio, Chile, June 14, 2003.
2003“Dritter Weltcrieg nach dem Muster eines Zusammenpralls der Kulturen”
Interview mit dem Nahost-Experten Prof. Nezar AlSayyad in National & Zeitung, Germany, April 30, 2003.
2003“Middle Eastern Studies: The New Push”
in Aramco World, January/February, 2003, pp. 2-13.
2002“Middle East 101: Q&A with Nezar AlSayyad.
Chair of Berkeley’s Center for Middle Eastern Studies” by Bonnie Azab Powell, Berkeleyan- Online, October 15, 2002.
2001“After September 11: The Faculty Reflects”
California Monthly, November , 2001, Vol. 112, No.2.
1996“A Blue Print for Egypt: It’s Past is Recreated”
by Mary Rajkumar Oakland Tribune, April 29, 1996, pp. 11&12.
1996“Virtual Cairo: You can Tour the City in the 10th and 15th Century with Professor AlSayyad’s Multimedia Project”
by Kathleen Scalise, Berkeleyan, April 17-23, 1996, p.3.
1995“Planning and Planners in the Arab World.”
A one hour television interview in the program “Nadwa Thagafia - A Cultural Engagement,” Bahrain Public Television, Bahrain, March 1995.
1996“Adobe Comes into Its Own: The Mud Architecture of Professor AlSayyad”
by Kathleen Scalise, Berkeleyan, April 17-23, 1996, p 2.
1991Akhtar Badshah, “First World: Third World”
in Mimar, No. 38, 1991, pp. 15-16.
1988“Scholars to Discuss Environment: Large Campus Symposium to Focus on Cultural Dwellings”
in The Daily Californian, April 4, 1988
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